Installation guide
Follow this guide to get up and running with BizTalkTracker
After finishing download of our zip file, follow the steps below to get started.
  1. Install the unzipped files in IIS and convert the folder to an Application
  2. Create a new Application Pool with a user that are member of the following:
    • BizTalk Server Administrators (on the environment targeted)
    • db_datareader on BizTalkDTADb
  3. In the web.config file edit the following:
                                (Change the value to the SQL Server instance where your BizTalk databases resides)

  4. In the web.config file replace existing licenseKey with:
    cXAqcHl8b8KAb3zChjw6O0A3Oj03PTvChm5sf31/bXV9woZANzo9N8KGXnxza3Y=" />
You are now ready to use BizTalkTracker, enjoy.

Parameters found inside the web.config



Use this property to specify Promoted Tracked Properties that you want to be searchable and shown in the result set always. Multiple properties are delimited by comma. Ex. "Property1, Property2"
Use this property to translate long "BizTalk Message Type names" to more user friendly names. The syntax is as follows: "Namespace#RootName|TranslatedName{CarriageReturn}Namespace2#RootName2#TranslatedName2"



Use this property to set up alerts when expected message types are not received in BizTalk within a given timeframe. Ex. "Namespace#RootName|0|5|0{CarriageReturn}Namespace2#RootName2|1|0|0" (Note the syntax is "messagetype|days|hours|minuttes" so messagetype1 is expected within 5 hours, and messagetype2 within 1 day.
Use this property to set up alerts when expected Ports are not receiving messages in BizTalk within a given timeframe. Ex. "Port1|0|3|30{CarriageReturn}Port2|1|12|0" (Note the syntax is "portname|days|hours|minuttes" so Port1 is expected to received messages within 3,5 hours, and Port2 within 1 day and 12 hours.



Use this property to specify how many bytes of a Tracked Message body you wish BizTalkTracker to display pr. default. If a message is larger than this property a "show full message" link will appear to show the full message. Note: If a message is very large, it might have a performance hit to show it. You should save it to disk using either "Save Text" or "Save XML" instead.
If you have a small Tracking Database, just set this property to 1000. If you have a large database, this property should be set to the maximum number of days you have set up alerts for.



Specifies how many milliseconds a query towards the Tracking database can elapse, before timing out.
Insert your valid license key here, if not already supplied.
Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, implovements or bug reports!